Treatment eyestrain


Treatment eyestrain

What is the presbyopia or tired view?

Thanks to technology now we can eliminate tired view.

Presbyopia is the consequence of a progressive loss of the capacity that has the eye to focus nearby objects (accommodation), this loss happens because the lens that we have inside the eye, called crystalline, ages and loses his ability progressively.

The eye is adapted for distant vision and when wants to see objects closely, the watch, the computer screen, the restaurant menu, the cell phone, etc. the eye have to change it focus. To do so the lens curves itself accommodating the vision and perceiving with clarity those objects.

Today, 40% Spaniards (about 19 million people) suffers from this visual disorder.

Presbyopia is a natural evolution and not an illness.

You may suspect you have presbyopia if you are 40 years old or above (although it can happen sooner or later), you need to move away close tasks (reading, sewing…) further than what it’s considered normal.

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This distancing is generally made by stretching the arms. The need to bring the reading or sewing closer to a light source, with the same effect of definition as moving things away, may be a sign of presbyopia too.Symptoms of the presbyopiaTiredness when we do tasks closely for quite some time (reading, sewing…).Certain difficulty to focus distant objects when we have been focusing nearby objects for a while.Headaches, drowsiness…When the firs symptoms appear, the patient must visit his specialist in order to treat them.

Can presbyopia be eliminated with laser?

Intrastromal lens (KAMRA, ACUFOCUS, ...): With Femtosecond Laser (FSL) cornea can be prepared for the implantation of a lens in the corneal thickness to compensate tires vision. The technique is painless, quick, safe and “reversible”, since the lens can be removed, coming back to its original state.

Presbypia can be eliminated with Excimer + FSL laser using Combined Vision or Monovision, that is to say, leaving the dominant eye for far vision on the other eye for near vision. With this we achieve an almost independent person of the eyeglasses, being able to use them only occasionally (prolonged reading….).Today Presbyopia can also be corrected using Presbilasik. Pioneer technique treating Presbyopia adapted to the refractive qualities of tired view tha obtains great results.In case of cataracts or clear lens, with multifocal lenses (Restor (R), Rezoom (R), Fine Vision (Trifocal), Technis, Acriva, …) we can obtain far away-close distance vision, according to each patient`s needs. The adequate selection will be the key for the satisfaction in the multifocal correction.

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