Oculoplastic Surgery


Surgery Plastic Ocular

What is it?

The surgery oculoplástica is the branch of the ophtalmology that one entrusts of specific form of the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases that concern the ocular annexes: 

  • Eyelids
  • Lachrymal System
  • Orbit

Offering also procedures of rejuvenecimiento of the region periocular prioritizing in any case the care of the eyeball.

Cosmetic Procedures

  • Blefaroplastia: Surgical intervention indicated to eliminate the excess of skin(leather) and / or the top and low protusión of oily bags(stock exchanges) of the eyelids.
  • Toxin Botulínica The injection of toxin botulínica manages to attenuate the " wrinkles of expression ". Specially effective in " legs of rooster " and frontal wrinkles and glabelares (space between the eyebrows).
  • Lateral Cantoplastia: Surgical procedure by which there is corrected the fall of the lateral singing of the low eyelids.
  • Lifting endoscópico of the eyebrows: Surgical technology(skill) that by means of minimal incisions obtains the elevation(increase) of the eyebrows and the frontal rejuvenecimiento of the areas and glabelar.

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Surgical Procedures of the Eyelids

  • Alteration of malposiciones palpebrales including: 
  • Ptosis palpebral (fall of the top eyelid): Fall of the top eyelid being able to provoke a both aesthetic and functional dysfunction. It is possible to correct by means of surgery. It(he,she) affects so much children as adults.
  • Entropion (edge of the reversed eyelid): It is the investment of the edges of the eyelids (generally the low one that does that the eyelashes rub shoulders with the ocular surface.
  • Ectropion (edge of the eyelid evertido): It(He,She) is when the edge of one of the eyelids (generally the low one) pliega or tuerce in direction opposite to the surface of the eye. This provokes inconveniences(troubles) and certain aesthetic disorder.
  • Treatment problems of the eyelashes.
  • Treatment of the blefaroespasmo:
    • Disease characterized by the involuntary closing of the eyelids.
  • Surgical treatment repairer of the paralysis of the facial nerve.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of the cutaneous injuries palpebrales:
    • Malignant and benign tumors.
    • Cysts, sties, chalazion … 

Surgery Lachrymal System

  • Diagnosis and treatment of the lagrimeo (epífora).
  • Treatment of the chronic dacriocistitis "applies":
    • External Dacriocistorrinostomía.
    • Dacriocistorrinostomía endoscópica.
    • Dacriocistorrinostomía LASER
  • Reconstructions canaliculares, lachrymal Intubación, Jones's Pipes…

Surgery Orbitaria

  • Diagnosis and treatment diseases orbitarias, tumors …
  • Treatment of the thyroid orbitopatía.
  • Alteration exoftalmos: decompression orbitaria.
  • Treatment of fractures orbitarias.

Cavity Anoftalmica

  • Evisceración and enucleación.
  • Implants orbitarios.
  • Control of the carrying patients of ocular prothesis.
  • Secondary treatment of the complications to the freightage of prothesis.

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