ICL Intraocular Lenses


ICL Intraocular Lenses

The surgical implantation of intraocular lenses (phakic lens type usually ICL®) without replacement of the lens, has become an excellent option for correction of refractive problems for those patients who do not yet show signs of presbyopia, which have a high ranking or because they can not be operated with laser because the cornea is not supported (thin corneas, topographic alterations, ...) or in some cases by the characteristics of your eye.

Some features that can highlight is that these lenses are made from a soft, flexible material called collamer. They are manufactured specifically for each person and for each eye and can correct several defects of sight in one procedure.

These lenses have excellent predictability in the results because they do not depend on the healing and give an extraordinary visual quality patient and can correct up to 10 diopters of hyperopia, 18 diopters of myopia and astigmatism 6 diopters of isolated or combined with other defects Refractive.

Also worth mentioning is standing in front of the lens behind the iris and without altering the structure of the eye. Because of this, if necessary, can be removed or changed, as this process is reversible.

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Before surgery a number of optometric and ophthalmologic to determine whether to or not to perform surgery for testing. The complete examination should include among others:

  • Refraction without pupillary dilation.
  • Anterior chamber CA.
  • Corneal study.Retinography / OCT retinal ...
  • They may perform other tests if the doctor sees fit.

The procedure is performed under topical anesthesia (drops) and on an outpatient basis, through a micro-incision. During surgery, the surgeon will inject the lens in front of the lens behind the iris and, within an area called the posterior chamber, where its function is similar to a contact lens, but with the advantage of being invisible and not cause discomfort except, Very rarely.

The surgery does not require points and will last 10 minutes. Generally, the operation can be performed on both eyes on the same surgical procedure, following the special security protocol binocular surgery. The patient can go home after surgery and visual recovery is very fast. After surgery team Marcos Eye Institute will monitor the patient's condition, to control everything evolves favorably.

After the complete scan, our specialists will refractive surgery who will decide the technique of choice: ICL or refractive lensectomy with monofocal intraocular lens, bifocal or trifocal.

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