Contact lenses


Contact lenses

Contact lenses or "lenses" are often an alternative to wearing glasses, therefore IOM collaborates with several suppliers to ensure the patient an ideal personalized adaptation.

In addition to compensating most common refractive errors (myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia), they also offer an alternative for eyestrain.Sometimes contact lenses get better quality of vision than conventional glasses with some pathologies (eg keratoconus) and after some surgeries (eg corneal transplantation). They can become the only option when it comes to therapeutic contact lens (eg, recurrent erosions) or prosthetic (eg, aniridia, coloboma of the iris, leucomas...).

The use is widespread and not all are equal, therefore we must be aware that previous instructions on the use, maintenance, hygiene and revisions are required in order to use them correctly and avoid possible problems.

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