Diagnostic tests Malaga

Diagnostic Test

IOM has an integral service in the one that will be able to treat all the ocular problems with the most advanced technology.

  • Exam of visual keenness with autorrefractómetrocomputarizado.
  • Exam biomicroscópico.
  • Capture of ocular tension.
  • Queratometría.
  • Exam of bottom of eye.
  • Prescription of lenses or the medication that the patient needs.

Ophthalmological Specializing Studies:

  • Tonometría.
  • Retinographie Color.
  • Angiofluoresceinografía. (AFG)Ultrasound scan To and B.
  • Biometría.
  • Biomicroscopia of retina.
  • Study of fixation in the strabismus.
  • Computerized field of vision.
  • Computerized Paquimetría.
  • Examen biomicroscópico with video and intensificator of images.
  • Corneous Computerized topography (CSO, ORBSCAN the IInd, TOMEY, KR 8100P).
  • Contact lenses.
  • OCT Retina.
  • OCT Glaucoma.
  • Retinographie (New Technology OPTOS).