operacion de miopia malaga

Diagnostic tests Malaga

Diagnostic Test

IOM has an integral service in the one that will be able to treat all the ocular problems with the most advanced technology.

  • Exam of visual keenness with autorrefractómetro computarizado.
  • Exam biomicroscópico.
  • Capture of ocular tension.
  • Queratometría.
  • Exam of bottom of eye.
  • Prescription of lenses or the medication that the patient needs.

Ophthalmological Specializing Studies:

  • Tonometría.
  • Retinographie Color.
  • Angiofluoresceinografía. (AFG)Ultrasound scan To and B.
  • Biometría.
  • Biomicroscopia of retina.
  • Study of fixation in the strabismus.
  • Computerized field of vision.
  • Computerized Paquimetría.
  • Examen biomicroscópico with video and intensificator of images.
  • Corneous Computerized topography (CSO, ORBSCAN the IInd, TOMEY, KR 8100P).
  • Contact lenses.
  • OCT Retina.
  • OCT Glaucoma.
  • Retinographie (New Technology OPTOS).